Saturday, April 11, 2009

One thing we are having a hard time finding....

We went to the award ceremony for the art contest Mackenzie had won best of show in today. She looked just beautiful and I will have some pictures up soon. I will also try to post pictures of me and my sister and brother in our Easter attire maybe after church and before dinner tomorrow afternoon.

Now...back to my title we went shopping after the ceremony and we were once again trying to find a decent maternity section in just ONE of the stores we went to every store either had VERY little or NO maternity section at all. My poor mommy! It was just so annoying!! She is growing out of her skirts for church and she can't find one maternity skirt that isn't way above the knee that is. Yes, they actually make mini maternity skirts for pregnant women go figure!

Well, it's getting pretty late and I want to look some what human for tomorrow so I guess I will end for now!!

Have a wonderful Easter!:)


Anonymous said...

I've felt the pain of not finding modest maternity clothes. I had two long denim skirts from that I wore everyday. For Sunday I just wore a dressier top, that had to be altered because most of them aren't appropriate either.

Ginger said...

I wanted to thank you for coming over my blog. I have tried to get on yours but for some reason I can't get on. Also thanks for the website I will be sure to show my mom!!

Anonymous said...

What size (generally--sm, med, lrg) would she want? Sometimes I see them at the thrift store, so I'll keep my eye out for her! :)