Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Long time no see!

Oh, it has been forever dear friends!!

If you don't follow me on Facebook you may have just thought I drop off the face of this earth! It has been a busy few months for me and these summer months are already making my head spin from the activities crowding my calendar.

School has officially ended for the year. Last week was our four of July firework of activities! Cleaning classrooms, to end of the year field trips, to end of the field days. Of course I dressed all snazzy for the senior banquet and then sneak in late for the high school graduation.

The week before our flurry of end of the year dates marked my seconded kindergarten graduation planned and presented by me! Of course I have to say it was one I never will never forget one of my students had complete stage fright and stood on stage saying nothing the whole time!

Monday started my summer and how did I start you may ask? By tutoring. :) Yes this year me and a great friend of mine will be tutoring a few days a week. It's fun keeps my mind working and fresh in the school realm of things.

Last Friday we were dismissed early after end of the year awards so I went home and pleasurable picnic with my dear almost three year old brother. It was so relaxing and fun. I could of stayed on that blanket munching on chips with him all day if I could.

Of course summer wouldn't be summer without me getting a delightful summer cold I sound like Kerrmit the Frog with bronchitis. My pore throat!

In the last few days I have been thinking of dear saints that I have known forever that are going through hard times I just wanted to bring that up so maybe you could remember these people in prayer.

Also, I am going to reveal something on my blog today that many of you faithful bloggers have been praying for without knowing what my unspoken request is. Today I am going to tell you.

About a year ago my dad had been diagnosed with prostate cancer. He will be getting surgery soon. I will update you more when new information comes but please keep him and our family in your prayers.

Well, it's about time I close this post and get some work done. Please keep looking on here for new posts I am truly going to try to keep up to date on here this summer.

Love you all,

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Steph W. said...

SO excited to hear from you over here!!! :)
I have been wondering about that prayer request for some time now. :) Will continue to keep him in our prayers. :)