Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Following The Leader.

Playing with Jeremy always proves to be a joyous time. I never get sick of his belly laugh or the way he puts his chubby hands on my cheeks or his chubby little arms around my neck.

His dark chocolate eyes looks straight into my heart as he babbles away in my ear.

We have a fun time together and the days I am not tutoring you will find me giving all my attention to Jeremy.

Lately we have been Disney Sing a longs or like Jeremy says "Thing alongs." He loves all the cute Disney music but lately he has been intrigued with Peter Pans "Following the Leader."

I have had that song stuck in my head for days. We follow each other on the trampoline marching to the song as we sing.

This morning I was convinced the birds were singing the song outside my window. :)

As silly as the song is though it has some truth in it.

When I'm with Jeremy I am the leader and he follows what I do.

It's a big responsibility.

I hope I am a good leader for this brother of mine! ;)

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