Thursday, April 26, 2012


Days like today remind me of my childhood. Going to the park... my sister and I would look at each other and grin we then put our cute little sneakers firmly on the sand as I counted....


As I counted the last number my heart would start beating hard as my feet started to move and my arms started to swing as Carole and I raced to the seesaw.

We both jumped on either side as our blond hair blew in the air we had no care or worries we were just two sisters on the seesaw.

Of course the seesaw seems different now because this seesaw doesn't make my hair blow in the wind it just makes my head spin. ;)

This seesaw is called the seesaw of life.

Have you been on it?

My constant thought today was I really need an ice coffee.


However, even though my day was rocky there was moments where I could smile.

Like going on break and finding my sweet sister Carole online so I could share my heart with her. Some fun games of words with friends and most of all the sweet reminder that God is with me.

I love it when your day is giving you a stomach ache and a verse is a laid on your heart.

I'm so thankful that God can put his mighty hand on the seesaw and make it stop.

As usual I just needed to write and now I am feeling better.

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