Saturday, April 14, 2012

5 years ago...

...tonight....I sat at the old family computer and I started this.
My posts are so few and far between these days but I can't help but post. I was talking to my mom tonight about it. She was teasing me at how little I post. I laughed and said but I can't close it.

I just can't. Writing has always been my "get a way" I love to write and I truly love to blog.

I look around at the fellow bloggers that were blogging when I started and most of them have stopped blogging and instead have a facebook page they have their faithful blog readers follow.

I just wonder how many of you would follow it if I did that? I would still keep this blog going and give you the heads up on that page when I write something over here, Just something I have been mulling over for a  while and thought I would ask my faithful bloggy readers on my fifth blogging anniversary. :)

Even though I am not having a big fancy giveaway this year I wanted to direct you to one dear friend of mine who is having a big fancy give away and I know she would love if you entered so go on over to Morgan's site and say "hi"

I just wanted to thank all my faithful readers for always checking on Pieces Of My Heart!! :)

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Steph W. said...

Ginger... unfortunately, if you switched over to FB, I would not be able to continue to follow you because I do not and cannot have a FB account. :(