Wednesday, January 25, 2012

This Snow!

It cracks me up the first part of winter we had nothing. It was the oddest thing we had 50 degree weather I even caught myself not wearing a coat OUTSIDE in the middle of DECEMBER!

And then school gets back in session and what happens?

Yes the snow starts falling.

In a way it's a nice relief I enjoy my random snow days and those delightful two hour delays.

However, when the two hour delays start popping up I start to realize all the work we need to cram into a half day it's not always fun. But the kids don't seem to mind they are to excited we didn't have get on the bus early in the morning.

Jeremy always lets me know it's snowing outside by saying. "Gingy cooooold!" I love his little chubby face smiling as he pretends to shiver.

Well, in school right now we are learning how to combine coins together and count them. Both my kindergartners and first graders seem to have difficulty getting the concept of counting. When I was small I seemed to get the concept pretty easy but when it came to division forget it I was lost.

Thankfully we don't have to do much division in first grade! ;)

So, right now with school and home I am keeping pretty busy. Keep and eye on my next post I think you might enjoy it!:)

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Anonymous said...

Ginger! I just saw an idea a couple of days ago that might help with your counting coins idea--I'll try to explain it but if I find the picture I'll send that too. You gave an ammount (ie. 11) and then the kids were supposed to make up that ammount with coins (ie. two nickels and a penny) by laying them (maybe glueing them?) on a piece of paper and then they made them into "creatures"--the one I saw was a centipiede. (Using the coins as the body-just drawing the legs on the paper.) Looked like fun to me! :)


Snow? What's that? ;)