Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It's me again!

I guess I really should get the "Most Horrible blogger ever" award.

Last month I was so good about it. Posting every day updating you all on the most frivolous things.

And May rolled around and I started getting busy with everything not to mention adopting the roll of Maid Of Honor (If you haven't read Carole and Mark's story read it I have changed a lot since the last time I wrote it and It's pretty sweet!)and the days started disappearing and before I knew it the month was half over and I have only posted two times!

How does one do that?

So here is little catch up post.

The talent show went well. My adorable kids were so cute! They wore their flowers well! And my farmer was just as cute.

The practice for the kindergarten graduation is going a long fine.

Carole and Mark are very excited about the upcoming wedding. (So am I) It's so fun being the maid of honor!

Jeremy is nine months old! Isn't it so hard to believe? He is now standing up in his crib, crawling,playing with blocks,eating books, and more! We are having such fun with him!

I know there is more but I really need to run!

Oh one more thing just a couple more weeks of school and then onto summer vacation yea!

Until next time,


Mrs. H said...

Do you have any pics of the talent show? I can't wait to see your little cuties.

Look at my big little Scooter Pie! I've got more books to add to his menu. Will we get to see you once school is out? Maybe I'll go ahead and mail them. We'll see.

Anonymous said...

Love the pic of Jeremy!! He's growing up so fast. :)

By the way, I enjoyed reading the story you wrote about Carole and Mark. So sweet!!