Monday, September 3, 2007

A run down of the last week.

Yes, I agree. Not the most exciting title I could come up with. But, hey I am tired!! lol...I know, I know. What else is new, right? I really have had a long week though...honestly. I have!

Thursday night, we got Patrick (my nephew) again! It's so much fun. We are enjoying him just like the last time. I wish I could show all of you his adorable face but I can't. Yes, my other PC is still not in my grasps. But, if you'd like to take a glimpse at his adorable self you can check back in my late June early July posts. lol...

Friday morning nice and early, I got up for my first day back to the Christian school. I was so excited to go back! Seeing the building made my heart do a flip flop. You may think I am being over dramatic but I am not. That school is so special and I am so excited I am part of it. Most of the children knew who I was but their were a couple of new comers who won my heart instantly.

This week I will be working there Thursday (helping out in the kitchen and library) and Friday being a chaperon on a field trip that the whole elementary is going too. Oh, yeah I also got to look around the library the other day. I didn't work in there 'cause I was too busy that day. But I was able to look around and even take a few books home to read and make sure they are suitable to keep in there. Isn't that cool?

Update on my room... I found a nice folding circle shaped chair at a yard sale on Saturday for five dollars. The color is blue and really didn't fit my decor. So when I took it home and found a place in my room I draped a doll throw over it and now it looks really nice. I also found a full twin comforter set at the same yard sale for two dollars!! My mom washed it for me and it looks great in my room!

I hope your Labor day weekend went well. We had a small get together today at our house. A few families from our church came over for food and fellowship. What can I say? We are Baptists! Yeah, lame joke but hey I have heard it all my life. It was bound to wear off on me. (One thing us Baptists can do is eat and fellowship) It sounds like we are huge and don't know how to keep our mouths shut! lol...Sorry I couldn't resist.

Okay, if you couldn't tell I am tired and in need of sleep. I'll try to post a little sooner next time but no promises!! Good night!


Julie's Jewels said...

Sounds like your room is coming together. When will we get the privilege of seeing some pictures?? What bargains you found at the yard sale!! I don't have that kind of blessing as yard sales. Maybe I just haven't stopped at the right ones...I don't know. I got discouraged some time ago and don't go anymore. I know...I shouldn't have given up...but I did. I just enjoy hearing from others what they have found.

Courtney, Jer.33:3 said...

Yes, we want to see pics of the new look of your room!!
Great deals at the yard sales!! That's the way to do it!
LOL!! Us Baptists do like to fellowship and eat, don't we??? But, I must also add that there is much more to our faith besides that. :)

Suzanne said...

Although I am not a Baptist, I do know that Baptists always feed you well when you visit their church. :) The suspense is building as we all wait to see pictures of your room.

Anna Joy said...

Well titles aren't my big thing eiher..I just say what it is. You know, if it's pictures, say 'Pictures'. It only makes sense! ;)