Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Happy fall a few days late.

Can you believe fall is already here? It's quite unbelievable. October starts next week and then there is only a few small weeks before November is upon us. Which means Thanksgiving and of course the next day is shopping day! Just a few weeks later Christmas will be here for which I am already thinking about gifts.

I have a small announcement to make. My day home is officially being advertised. Now, I just need people to be interested and give me a ring, which hasn't happened yet. I ask you to pray for my day home and that the right people will call.

Working as a librarian at the Christian school has proven to be so much fun! I love helping the kids pick out books and seeing their facial expressions when they find a book they just have to read! I was recently told that I can decorate the library with seasonal decorations and such. I am so excited!

Also, for the library I have to read a whole lot of different books to make sure they are appropriate for the school. It's fun because I love to read but I get overwhelmed thinking about all those books I need to read. Although, I do have lots of help. Other teachers are reading some and my mom and sister have volunteered (or gave in to my begging one or the other.) lol

Okay, I have to go for now.


Jessica said...

Hey Ginger,

I LOVE the pumpkins at the top of your page!! That is too cute!! :)

I can't believe that it is fall already either. For me the day after Thanksgiving means "Campmeeting Day"!!! Every year my mom, my sister, and I go to campmeeting at a WONDERFUL church up north. My Fiance's mom and sisters usually go with us too. Some years we go shopping before we go to campmeeting, but I don't think I'll have money this year, since I have some things to pay off, plus there is more to pay for with the house.

I am praying for your day home. I hope the Lord sends you some children soon! Don't get discouraged. I remember when my mom and I started our day care. It took a little while to get kids, but now we have more phone calls than we can take. I just know that the Lord is going to provide for you!!

Being a librarian sounds like fun!! Are you still going to be able to do that after you start keeping kids?

Love ya,

Julie's Jewels said...

I pray your daycare gets up and running soon...well...I know it is but you need children. God will provide those children that He wants you to keep. Those are the only ones you want anyway....not just any children...but the ones that God wants you to have. I'm praying for you!!