Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Those kind of afternoons....

The soft sun light hit my round table quite nice the alphabet window clings danced around the table as the "Mountain" birds sang their song. Apple prints hang in disorder fashion around my  white magnetic marker board while the felt board stands proudly with this weeks Bible lesson sticking to his soft board.  The desks face the chalkboard and the stand.
While pencils line the tops of each one some of the name tags are drooping off the front some stand proudly doing their job. The teachers desk has her laptop on it also with her cell phone and sun chips. Yankee candle form donning the side of the desk and papers sit nicely in their designated drawers.

And I the teacher. Sit on the plush black swivel chair while words flow through my finger tips. I look at my cow bulletin board, my ducky helpers, the half jar of jelly beans and the empty tea cup on the stand. It doesn't look like a classroom to this little teacher.

It likes a home.

My job isn't just job it's a ministry it's a blessing. It's a home.

I love these afternoons where I can sit and ponder upon the blessings that Lord has given me.

Have an afternoon like this one it will do wonders to your heart.

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