Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Snack time

Today, was a good school day had everyone in class I had a decent nights sleep and I was ready for the day.

I was ready for blends, and special sounds, spelling words and reading...and yes snack time. Mmmmm I do enjoy a good snack.

Today it was yogurt and a half of muffin it did my little tummy good to have some delightful treats. You may be wondering why I am yapping about snacks.

Well, I am trying to decided what I am going to put on my grocery list this afternoon.

I need some snacks for school.

My normal snack list:


Cheese stick

or fruit

How about you what do you indulge in the late morning for a snack?

Each day I try to have my students pick one healthy snack in their lunch box for the morning snack, so I too want to show them that I too eat healthy and not be hiding a bag of Cheetos on my lap.

So, yes my post today is what kind of snacks do you like?

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Anonymous said...

Oh...you mean you want *healthy* snacks?!? Forget it.