Saturday, March 26, 2011

Just Pondering...

I know it has been so quiet over here lately except for the occasional chirp of a cricket in the distance. I have thought about my corner on the web many times as I journeyed along with life without typing in my little spot on the net. It's been lonely with out the click of the keyboard and the thought of "Will I get a comment on this post?" I miss all my faithful bloggie people and hope you all understand this season of my life is busy and a bit emotional. ;)

It's less than 3 months now. I can hear those wedding bells practicing for the day they are going to chime for my sister. Both wedding showers are over both were a huge success and both were a frightening realization to me my baby sister is grown up and is getting married.

I spoke at both showers and even though I was a nervous wreck before hand I was thrilled I did it after words. I think I needed to I needed to be the one to honor Carole she is my best friend and baby sister and it was just right. :)

So the wedding coming up, school entering the fourth quarter CRAZY! My life has been a ball of business.

I hope I will find more time to blog in the next few weeks but I can't promise much. But I will try my hardest that's a promise!

Snow is slowly melting and I am hoping it will stay that way melting that is I am so ready for it to look and feeling like spring. Although I have given up my winter coat and have insisted on wearing my spring one. I can't wait for the day when I can tell my students parents that the snow gear for outside recess can stay home! I want spring! ;)

I was getting all giddy yesterday when I started pulling all my spring bulletin board stuff out of my cabinet at the school.

I just love when the snow melts and the flowers start blooming.

Well, I am getting back to my beading stage I am making bracelets again and it's so much fun!

I guess I should end for now.

You all have a wonderful Sunday!

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Anonymous said...

We've had 80' weather and now it's supposed to snow tonight!! :P

Can't believe you're down to less than 3 months!!! :O