Monday, February 4, 2013

The Wind.

Blogging was my wind at one point. You hear the wind blow at times....not raging just tend to stop put your face towards the sun and let the cold wind blow through your face. Refreshing.

I have forgotten that blogging can give me that same refreshing feeling. It has been months. Yet it's not canceled. It hasn't gone to a blogaway dumpster. Instead it just sits.




The author who had started this blog years ago would pick up her fingers and start to type.

"Here I am! My little blog. Here I am again"

It has been a while and I wonder if anyone will even see this post. I some times long for the days without Facebook, twitter, texting...when all of us "writers" clicked "publish" instead of "send" when we all would be having conversation or debates...;) right in our comment boxes. I long for the day when something funny happened I didn't throw open my phone and jot it down in a status box but I went home on the old family computer and wrote it down. Giggling with my mom who would help me edit my posts.

I sometimes long for the simple days.

Although, I don't hate Facebook...twitter....etc I would probably would be lost without it. Although I do miss this nook. I miss being a faithful blogger.

That is it all for now. Just a random "Hello" So "Hello" out there! ;)


Steph W. said...

I also miss all those nice, long posts, telling us what was going on in your life. As I read this post, I looked over at your side bar with all those amazing blog awards!! :))
Stay here with "me" in the bloggy world.

Anonymous said...

Hello Ginger! I still visit here often hoping for updates! :) I don't have fb and twitter so I don't get to keep up with you. Glad to hear you're still in bloggy land ;)