Thursday, March 8, 2012

Do you still blog?

It was a simple question. A yes or no question. However, I still hesitated for a heart beat of a moment before I said "Yes, of course I still blog. Why?" My mom smiled and said "Only wondering." She probably inwardly was thinking how when the blog was new that's all she heard about she would sit next to me and help me edit my post before I hit published she would listen as I read comments and read other blogs.

It amazes me how fast time flies that seems so recent ago but indeed it was years ago.

My fingers still enjoy coming back to this corner. Hearing the familiar tip tap of the keys as I unlock that part of my heart were many beautiful words flow like a butterfly who just woke up in a cocoon. My wings start to flutter as that same old smile appears on my face.

Do you still blog?

Even though the question was ask days ago it still goes through my mind. "Not often" was my next words. "When I can..." Years ago it was daily even twice a day three times a day. Now If I have written 8 posts in a month I'm thrilled.

Well, I won't make a list of promises I can't keep but I will say this I am going to try to make an effort of posting more. :)

So when the question arises "Do you still blog?" I can say "YES!!"


Steph W. said...

It's Okay Ginger! I used to be the same way with blogging and emailing and everything... I realized though, as I grew older, PRIORITIES change. We no longer have a "care free" life. We have many new things come and go, things that have to be taken care of. Decisions to be made. Family to spend time with before their gone. Life is not as simple as it used to be. Things all of the sudden got complicated. New, important decisions had to be made. Computer, blogging, all of our childhood "free time" activities, they are not as important as they used to be. God has an amazing way of helping us to realize this. Sure, blogging and computer is still fun, seeing how many followers you can get is fun, but these are people and things and places you'll never get to meet, do or see. As we get older, We have to live our lives in the "real" world and not so much in the "Bloggy" or "computer" world. I realized the most important thing for me was to be the best daughter, friend and sister I can possibly be while I'm still here and while they're still here. Time is flying by quickly, soon everyone will grow up. Even little Jeremy has grown into such a beautiful little boy... spend as much time with him as you can. One day, you might live miles from each other, one day he'll be grown. I know. My little sister is going to be three! If I continually spend my time in a world that isn't really important, I will miss these beautiful days!! I DO NOT want to miss any part of my childhood by wasting too much time on the computer.
So, if you can't blog as often... don't worry about it. We understand. We all have lives, and we all need to make sure we are living them to God's fullest plan!
I love your blog and my blog and all of the other blogs I look at, but I find, all of the people I used to blog with when I first started my blog in 2008, they are all busy doing more important things now. We are all "growing up"... it's not something to apologize for... it's something that has to take place!
Keep blogging when you have time!!
Praying for you...
Your friend..

Brittany said...

We've been with out internet, so it's been forever since I've been to your blog! I clicked over from Morgan's blog and my alomst 3 year old ask "Who's that?" I told him "that's Ginger". Then the next picture of you that came up he says, "That's mommy's friend Ginger. She's a pretty girl, isn't she mommy?" :-)