Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Thank you Lord

Thank you Lord for your blessings on me.

There is a roof up above me I have good place to sleep there is food on my table and shoes on my feet you gave me your love Lord and a fine family thank you Lord for your blessings on me.

How are your mornings? Are you complaining when you should be rejoicing?

How about your evenings are you fretting when you should be praying?

I know I have been guilty so many times over.

I just take the blessings for granted and not praise when I should be praising but instead have an ungrateful heart.

I try to teach my students to be thankful for everything not take anything for granted and always gives praise to the Lord.

What about the teacher? I sound real good sitting on the stool with my Bible in front of me but am I practicing what I am teaching.

Sadly not always.

I was listening to this song tonight and the words flowed through my heart and my family appeared in my mind, my bed my two rooms my home, my school, my students,my church, my Jeremy, my things, and I have so many things that I take for granted. So many.

I know I'm not wealthy.
These clothes are not new.
I don't have much money but Lord I have you.

We have so much, the Lord gives us so much.

And thats all that matter although the world may not see
Thank you Lord for your blessings on me.

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