Monday, March 9, 2009

My Weekend!

*The wedding march* Do you have the song in your head? Okay, I'll wait a minute. Look through the different Cd's in your brain until that song is found, press play and then tell me. Is the song in your head yet? GOOD! We may now proceed with my story. And no I am not getting married and Carole isn't either. However, we both experienced some wedding extravaganza this past weekend and we both had a BLAST!!

We were invited to attend a Wedding affair. An event brides to be are invited to, to soak in the knowledge that they indeed are going to be brides and that they can make their wedding extraordinary. For being single gals, Carole and I did not feel uncomfortable or strange being surrounded by wedding crazed gals. Instead it was exciting to see all the different wedding vendors, samples, getting different ideas and placing some of them in our mental hope chest for the day our princes find us and it is our turn to plan our own weddings.

The friend who invited us works for the magazine that sponsored the whole affair. There was also a fashion show where we saw many wedding dresses and suits. We also had little goodie bags the same goodie bags that were given to the brides! There were beautiful earrings a bracelet, plus stationary and perfume. We were also given the magazine they produce as well as another wedding magazine. Who knows? They may be helpful in the future!!:)

I think Carole's favorite part of the whole affair was the candy bar. Like I said, they had so many different ideas. One being this candy! Carole just about fainted when she saw this booth full of candy with bags that you actually got to fill for FREE!!! However we were only supposed to have a "sample" of the candy, not really fill the bag up so high that you could hardly close it. Sigh...well have I ever mentioned Carole has a deep weakness? It starts with Can...and ends with dy. Yup the girl just melts and turns into a kindergartner again and falls into the spell of colorful hard candy, gummies, lolly pops...and on and on it goes. So she was in her glory filling up bags and bags and I think the candy "guard" Lady started to get a little nervous that she would have no more candy left by the time Carole was done.
All in all, we had an extraordinary time. We went with the parents of the friend who works for the magazine and worked this affair. Her parents are dear friends of the family. We also traveled with another friend that we grew up with. If I only had enough time, I would explain the discussion on the way home about how our family needs to start a restaurant. But that is another post for another time....*GIGGLE*

I hope you all enjoyed a peek into our weekend. How did your weekend go??

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Anonymous said...

That sounds like sooo much fun!! I bet you gals had a blast! (Sounds like it!!) What fun!!